Rescheduling Piano Lessons

I've rescheduled about six piano lessons this semester. That's about the same number that I rescheduled last semester. Why do I reschedule? No, it's not because I haven't practiced (though it's true that I haven't). It's not because I'm too busy with after-school activities. No, it's not for the expected reasons.

It's because I'm too tired. I'm seriously afraid that I'll fall asleep at the wheel on the way to or from piano. It's because I've been to several piano lessons where I can feel my eyes glazing over with sleep while playing.

I've been doing something similar when working out, too. Picture a petite blond Waterfall with a bad haircut, going to town on the elliptical machine or Stairmaster, head resting in her arms on the little display screen, eyes closed. That's how I've been working out lately. My body is going, but my brain is on leave.

I had to reschedule piano yesterday. I hate rescheduling. I hate the fact that I haven't practiced, that, even though my after-school life is getting less busy as the year winds down, I don't have the energy to practice.

I miss my Bach. This has been my longest "dry" period, practice-wise, since I started taking lessons again in 2004.

School will be over soon, though, and those long-awaited long summer days will get here eventually. And George will be one happy piano.


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