Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's George's Big Day!

The piano tuner should be here soon to work on George. He's a little nervous--wouldn't you be if someone was going to take you apart and spend a few hours digging around your insides?

I'm hopeful. George has not been easy to play of late--he's getting that "old, abused piano" feel that free-for-all fellowship-hall pianos have--and practices, when they've occurred, haven't been particularly satisfying. So I'm hoping Gary (the tuner) will be successful in his valiant attempt to make my thirtysomething piano good-as-new.

Meanwhile, I have excellent news: I fell asleep last night at 8:30 and didn't wake up until this morning at 8:30! Around 9:30 last night, Hubster tried to get me to move from the couch (where I'd fallen asleep) to the bed, but I wasn't budging. I vaguely remember him asking if I wanted to move to the bed, and I vaguely remember thinking that I was paralyzed by fatigue and couldn't have moved if my life depended upon it.

So the girls (Hideaway cat and I) slept together on the couch, and the boys (Hubster and Beau cat) shared the bed. It was kind of like a slumber party at the Hubster-Waterfall household. It is good to feel rested. The cats agree.

I'll post the results of George's operation later today.

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