I Love My Students

This morning, one of my students said something so genuine, so giving, and so selfless, that I got misty-eyed. Went right over and gave her a hug and told her how blessed I am to have her in my life. No, she's not a brown-noser type. She's real.

There are days that I think I literally want to walk away from this job--kind of like I did the other day--and not come back. Ever. Then there are days that I am just overwhelmed by how lucky I am to be able to teach such good kids.

A parent called me today and when I answered the phone, she said, "Hi. This is Zeebo's mom. Do you have a few minutes?" My heart sank. I was in for a long conversation about how I'm working Zeebo too hard, and how I'm doing something, something wrong, and how I need to let up on poor Zeebo. I sighed. Should I say that I don't have a minute? Should I tell her to call back another time, preferably a time when I'm more up to being berated?

But I told her I had a few minutes. She proceeded to talk for several minutes about what a great job I was doing with Zeebo, and how Zeebo had really grown in so many ways as a result of being in my class. Of course, I kept waiting for that dreaded little three-letter word ("but"). Kept waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop.

But it didn't drop. She just wanted to tell me how much she appreciated me. And she had a question about commas and wording. And she was so thankful that Zeebo was able to have me for English this year, that he had learned so much and was so much more confident about his writing.

How cool is that? We ended up having a really good conversation, since I had lots of positive things to say about Zeebo as well.

So it wasn't a perfect day, but it was a pretty darn good one.


darnesha said…
Nice, I enjoyed reading that.:) I'm a student, and I know what it's like to appreciate a teacher so much.
Anonymous said…
It is good, when you have a chance to tell your teacher how much you appreciate their work, but it is not always possible. I like this story, this is such a nice story...

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