Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Day at Mount Mitchell

On Sunday Hubster and I visited the highest point in the eastern U.S., otherwise known at Mt. Mitchell. It's part of the Black Mountains east/northeast of Asheville, and it rises to 6,684 feet above sea level--that's 400 feet higher than New Hampshire's Mt. Washington, and over 1,000 feet higher than Mt. Katahdin in Maine. (Though I must admit, Mt. Mitchell is much easier to climb than the other two!)

I was actually trying to decide where to take my science girls on our hike, and this area would be a great place to show how the forest changes from deciduous to mostly coniferous with increases in elevation. I checked out the ranger station to see about having a ranger do a program for them, and then Hubster and I strolled along the Balsam Trail, a short little self-guided thing that took us back to the summit walk.

The view from the top was similar to the views offered by Mt. Washington.

It was a nice little outing. We didn't get to hike much, but to be honest, I don't have enough energy these days to hike very far. It was good to get out, good to smell the Frasier Firs, good to spend some quality time with the Hubster. Note Murphy the Weather Poltergeist posing in the picture behind us.

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