Today's Agenda

Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

School starts again tomorrow. Six more weeks.

It hit me yesterday morning. Only six more weeks. Can I survive six more weeks? Time will tell!

I have a lot of schoolwork/planning to do today. I'm curiously (or perhaps not) unmotivated. The very thought of school makes me tired. I worked at school for about four and a half hours yesterday, grading papers and entering grades for the last six-week period.

Six more weeks.

So. Here's what I need to do today, school-wise:

1) Read over the science lesson and make sure I'm ready for it.

2) Put together an "Intro to 20th-century literature" lecture for English Lit; maybe find a short poem from the early 20th century for us to look at as a "kick-off" for this unit.

3) Think more on how I'll do the creative-writing unit for composition, and plan another kick-off type lesson for tomorrow.

4) Look over the two chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird to be discussed tomorrow in English 9.

I did some classroom-cleaning and straightening up yesterday while I was at school. I'm glad I took the time to do that.

Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

Other stuff to do today, George-wise:

1. Scales and arpeggios

2. Work on the first 19 measures of the fugue, each voice, making sure my playing is smooth and I know each voice like the back of my hand.

3. Review section 12 of the Liszt, and work on section 12.5.

Those are the only plans for today. I've already done some of it, and I want to work on Section 12.5 before I leave to work out this afternoon.

I can already see that I'll be up late, stressed. It's disheartening. But I only have six more weeks.

Oh. By the way, today is what's traditionally known as William Shakespeare's birthday (and death-day, for that matter).

Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!


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