Taking a Pleasant Little Break from Spring Cleaning

When I was hiking the other day, I thought to myself, "Self, when you get home, you'll have to do spring cleaning." It really depressed me.

If I were to rank life's tasks in order of "most loved" to "most despised," house-cleaning would be right at the bottom of that list.

I have been working for five hours and have only begun to scratch the surface.


I try to be happy and play upbeat music and sing while I clean, but I can't do it. I would rather have a root canal. With no pain killers. While undergoing water torture. And listening to the horrid "Y" section of our CD collection (Yanni, Neil Young, and Dwight Yoakam--all Hubster's).

Speaking of CDs, I spent the first two hours of spring cleaning matching up loose CDs to their CD cases to their CD covers. Some were in the CD changer, some were in the car, many were in random CD carriers, and some were, oddly enough, on the dusty top of the fridge. Some are at school, but I'm not about to go there on spring break. Then I put all the CDs in alphabetical order and arranged them in the CD library we bought two years ago but have yet to organize. (It's organized now.)

Then I moved half-heartedly to the kitchen. When Hub and I first got married, I arranged all of the beans and pastas and canned vegetables and baking goods and supplies all neatly in our shoebox of a cupboard. I arranged the dressings and condiments and jellies all nicely in the fridge.

Today I threw out a bunch of that stuff that we never used. Most of it expired in early 2004.

I also threw out a bunch of really limp vegetables and a two-week-old salad.

Now I have to go to the grocery store and buy groceries for the next week. Then I'm cooking dinner. Then I'll probably finish up the clothes.

Then I'll start Day 2 of spring cleaning tomorrow.

Then I won't have to clean again for another couple of years! Oh, happiness! Oh, joy!

(Just kidding about waiting a couple more years!) (Well, mostly.)


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