Spring Break is Almost Here!

It looks like I'm going to make it after all!

I'm listening to the Mass in B Minor right now, and all is well.

I just graded the Victorian Lit tests, and there were three A's, one B, eight C's, a D, and two F's. Seems like a pretty nice bell curve to me.

My beloved aunt had a pacemaker put in today, and everything went fine.

I had a few really good one-on-one talks with students today about their papers.

I love my ninth-graders.

I forgive my seventh graders for voting to cut open frog heads tomorrow so we can see the brains. (I was outnumbered. I voted for watching "March of the Penguins.")

There is a Kiss-a-Pig fundraiser tomorrow. Students have been paying money all week to vote for which teacher will kiss a pig. Right now, the top two teachers are Mr. S (a popular math teacher) and me. I'm counting on Mr. S. winning. At least I hope Mr. S. wins!

The Hubster is on his way home right now so we can go on a long walk and hold hands and say mushy things to each other that we never have time for when I'm snowed under with work. I still have to write a quiz for my ninth-graders, but there will be time for that.

If I speak mushily enough to the Hubster, maybe he may take me out to dinner. We can sit and eat and make goo-goo eyes at each other.

Spring break starts in 18 hours. Life is good.


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