Shall We Gather at the River?

Today the whole high school goes to a river all day to do scientific research. I don't teach high school science, so I have another teacher substituting for my seventh-grade science class. For that, I wrote a rockin' Jeopardy!-style test review for them last night.

I was kind of looking forward to "river day" (even though I didn't find out about it until last week, which meant another scheduling snafu for me), but I just checked the weather, and it's not supposed to stop raining until 10:00 or get above 60 degrees before noon.

Teachers are supposed to "lead" activities, which means getting into the river and getting wet.


I kind of hope they'll reschedule for after senior trip, when the weather is warmer and possibly drier (even though it would mean last-minute lesson planning today). If I don't lose today and tomorrow, or any days next week, then that means I'll be able to fit in two days of Yeats, two days of Eliot, and two days of Dylan Thomas (flyin' right through the 20th century poets, I am). Otherwise, I'll have to skimp on one or more, and I'm having a really hard time trying to decide whom to neglect. It is painful because they are all important. I hate the thought of any of these poets being mere one-day blips on the screens of my dear students' brains.

How can you spend only one day on Eliot? Or Yeats? Or Thomas? The thought of flying through these guys truly depresses me.

I'll let y'all know how the day at the river goes.


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