Plans for Today

I really, truly, want to get some work done on the fugue today. Can I do it? Can I arrange the schedule in such a way that I have time and energy to work on the fugue?

When I say "work on the fugue," I don't mean "practice the fugue." I mean "study the fugue." It's been on the back burner for several weeks while I (1) familiarized myself with the prelude, which pretty much fits the hand like a glove, and (2) drilled the heck out of the B-minor sinfonia, which has been worth the effort because I'm playing it better than ever now.

But it's time to work on the fugue. I love the fugue. I get goosebumps just from playing through it in order to write in the fingering.

Deborah said that I need to be able to identify the role each note, motif, and measure plays in the fugue. Is a particular note part of the subject in the soprano voice? Countersubject in the alto? Episode? Link? Tacet? Some of these terms are new to me, so I'm feeling a little uncertain--but excited at the same time because I feel like a true student of music when I'm learning new things.

My plan is to make a copy of the music, and then attack it with colored pencils, shading the different voices and roles in different colors. I do that with the inventions, and it's very effective. Not to mention pretty and colorful and magical. It's cool to play through the colors, as if the music is taking on colors of its own. Bachadelic, man.

Now, with such an exciting task ahead of me, do you see why I am frustrated that I haven't had time to do any of it this weekend?

I do have about five hours of grading to do. After church, I'll come home and change. Maybe put something in the slow cooker for dinner tonight. Then go to the coffee shop for some grading. Bolt myself to the chair, drink coffee, and grade research papers until I can stand it no more.

Then go on a long walk. Then come home.

Then devote the rest of the evening to the fugue, provided that (God willing) I'm not exhausted by then.

It's 9:56 a.m. I'm late for church.


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