Plans for Saturday

OK, it's time for the weekend. That means I'll only work a 10-hour work day, and that the nature of the work will change a little bit. I'll be in a coffee shop instead of a classroom. Then the library. Then home on the computer.

My plan today is to plan for the next five weeks of school.

Yes, planning is a waste of time. But I do need to sketch things out to make sure I at least try to fit everything in before the final exam. I have to make painful decisions about which Major Writers I will leave out in British Lit. I need to draw the line on which Grammar Concepts can wait until next year for my ninth-graders. I need to think about what assignments I'll give in creative writing/composition in order to have students work on different elements of fiction. I need to think about the Biomes unit for science, and the subsequent things we'll cover between now and the end of school.

I'm also going to write in my notebook (my hard-copy journal) for about an hour to get my mind straight, practice piano for a few hours, and take a long walk and/or work out. It'll be a full day, but a productive one.


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