Thursday, April 20, 2006

New to the Blogroll

I've added a couple of new blogs to the blogroll.

A Beautiful Theme is a brand-new blog about "Classical Music, resources on the web, Bach, Beethoven, piano, CD's, and more." Sounds good to me! The most recent post is a review of David Dubal's The Art of the Piano. Since it's such a new blog, there's not a lot up there yet, but it looks like this will be a good one that I'll visit often.

Yesterday I clicked on the blog of a commenter, Ann V., and found the most delightful, refreshing blog: Holy Experience. Her latest post begins this way:
"A line of dirt tracked like a fenceline across the boys’ white teeth today. The
whites of their eyes shone out from raccoon rings of dirt and soil. Certain
elements of a face –eye whites and teeth---dazzle further against a backdrop of
caked dust and dirt. But smiles and eyes both danced when I pulled up into the
field with plates of steaming hot food and pitchers of clear, cold water."

This lovely blog interweaves the farming experience, the mothering experience, and the Christian experience in such a quiet, humble way, and it's so beautifully written ... I read the first few posts knew that this was a blog I would return to again and again.

So ... hope y'all are able to stop by these blogs and enjoy them as much as I did!

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