Saturday, April 1, 2006

Looking for an Excuse to Celebrate?

Here's one:

George was tuned today!!

His tuner, Gary, came by this afternoon and worked on him. He sounds wonderful. I've been getting high on Bach chorales from my big blue chorale book ever since Gary and his wife left. Before they left, though, we played some hymns, which was fun. I never get to play for people, so it was nice to share some of that with folks.

Gary is going to fix the action next month because poor old George has some creaky bones and doesn't get around as easily as he used to. And it's going to be affordable. I've always heard that fixing the action of a piano is very expensive, but good old George, he won't drive me to the poorhouse after all.

I'm so happy. George sounds so good.

Four more hours of paper grading, and then I get to practice. And I really will analyze my fugue tonight!

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