Little Victories, or Taking Life Too Seriously?

It's Friday morning, and I'm ready for the weekend.

Because of scheduling snafus, I didn't have an English Lit class yesterday afternoon. Because of scheduling snafus, I won't have an English Lit class today. Because of scheduling snafus, I let off steam in the principal's office and complained that English seems to be the least important subject taught here because it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

So I earned back some classes. A teacher is going to be out on Monday and Tuesday of next week, and her class happens to contain most of the students in my cancelled English classes. My Brit Lit students will come to English twice on Monday and Tuesday.

Little victories.

Then, today I talked to another teacher who is also being forced to "cancel" classes due to scheduling snafus. She's a good teacher (one of the best here), and not one to blow off her responsibilities or not take her job seriously. She is thrilled, thrilled with the fact that she's had extra planning periods for two days while the students are gone.

Am I taking school too seriously? Should I simply chalk up my 20 or so percent of missed classes this year and just welcome the free time? I don't know. True, this other teacher is even more overworked than I am in that she has no planning periods at all. Perhaps the better-natured attitude will come to me with time and experience. Or maybe it won't. Maybe, as a teacher, I am the spitting image of my Aunt Joyce (after whom I was named), a veteran teacher who has always taken education very, very seriously.

I won't worry or wonder. For now, I'm just happy that we'll get to fit Yeats, Eliot, and Dylan Thomas into our study of 20th-century literature! :)

Update: I just learned that there's going to be a minor non-academic activity on Monday for the seniors, and that the principal specified that my English Lit students will not be exempt from the activity because they needed to be in my class. I'm glad. I might have made some more head-marks on the wall if I'd learned that I'd have to cancel my classes on Monday, too.

Little victories, indeed. Even though it probably makes me look like an all-work-and-no-play Waterfall


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