Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Made It!!!

Whew. Looks like I made it to spring break!

Here's even better news:

Because we didn't use all of our snow days, they're shaving three days off of our intended school year (I guess they assume "X" number of snow days when they make the schedule.) So our last day of school is June 5 instead of June 8! And, since June 5 is a Monday, this actually really means that our last day is June 2! And my friend LiteShoe and I can hit the Art Loeb Trail as early June 7 or so!

Now, two of the final six weeks will be, er, shall we say, educationally challenging for me. Half the high school will be on a field trip for one week, and then the seniors will be gone on senior trip the following week. My students will continue to work--no blow-off movie days for them, not in Mrs. Waterfall's class, no sirree--but I'll need to figure how how to handle all of the big absences.

Still, what this really means is that I only have four real weeks of school left.

And during those weeks, one class will be a creative writing class.

Life is getting better and better. We're still not out of the woods yet, folks, but things are definitely improving.

And, stressful as the year has been, I haven't once regretted leaving Cubicle Land. I particularly don't regret it now, seeing as we have no "days left until summer" countdowns in endless drudgery that was my Cubicle Land existence!

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