A Good Day of Teaching Today

This hasn't happened in a long time. Or it least it doesn't feel like it has.

Every class went well today. Kids listened and were responsive. We had a blast in science, talking about animal groups and interactions between species. At the end, we went through a fun list of collective names for animals, and they had a lot of fun trying to guess what the names would be. (A stripe of tigers? A quack of ducks?)

Then, in English Lit, we discussed some poems by Thomas Hardy. I don't know if they liked him or not, but I do know that my passion for Hardy's poetry came through. I got some really good responses in that class, which shows that (most of) the students were thinking.

In composition, we're doing creative writing, and I had them "rush write" a scene based on their earliest memories. Then, after we read through them and saw that a few had never made the jump from "telling exactly what happened" to "fictionalizing," I said, "OK. Continue the story. Only have a very old man enter the scene ... carrying a ... duck." We wrote, and some interesting things came out of it!

In English 9, we continued To Kill a Mocking bird. We're about halfway through the book. They are enjoying it, and it was a fun class. I just love this book so much. We talked about the situation Calpurnia is in, being black yet spending her days in the "white world," and how she changes the way she talks when she's among other black people. Also, we discussed a character named Lula and the subject of Helen Robinson and how Scout's experiences here are enabling her to be able to "get inside the skin" of people not like her on the surface ... what a wonderful, wonderful, book this is.

So cool ... the tools of my trade these days are the Norton Anthology, a novel, a couple of field guides, and books on fiction-writing. Life is good.


Monica G said…
Hi There! I came across your blog accidentally when I was researching the word "morphodite"; I'm also teaching TKAM. Looks like we've had our daughters in the same year. I appreciate your work here--great stuff! (Where do I sign up?)

I post at openroadwriter.com. Will look forward to your posts!


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