Gear List

Heh … I haven’t made one of these in a long, long time. I weighed my pack tonight, and it’s 28 pounds. Am I regular or what? My pack weight is always, always, always between 28 and 32 pounds. I've pasted my gear list below, for anyone who is interested. Items in purple are ones that I used on my actual AT thru-hike in 2000. Items in red are those that I've just started using in the past year.

Here’s what I’ll be carrying/wearing for the next three or five days of my life:

The House
Backpack--Gregory Reality
Lightweight pack cover (I finally quit using a garbage bag)

The Bedroom
Tent stakes (Hubster carries the tent)
Feathered Friends sleeping bag
Z-rest sleeping pad

The Car
EMS Women’s Dry Hikers (boots)
Leki hiking poles
Hiking socks and liners (1 worn, plus 1 extra pair of each)
Short gaiters (just bought replacements)

The Kitchen
Titanium pot
Alcohol fuel
Lexan spoon
1-pint Nalgene bottle
2 Gatorade bottles
Bandanna for cleaning dishes
Aqua Mira water treatment

The Closet
Coolmax t-shirt
Nylon shorts
Rain pants
Rain jacket
Patagonia Puffball jacket
1 pr. synthetic long underwear
Balaclava (I doubt that I’ll need this)

The Powder Room
Toilet paper roll
Wash 'n' Dri moist towelettes
Antibacterial alcohol gel in small bottle
Ziploc for bathroom trash
Small tube toothpaste
Travel-size toothbrush
Dental floss
Small hairbrush
Hair ties
Glasses in bombproof case
Contact case and solution

The Medicine Cabinet
A few bandaids
Immodium A-D
Cortisone cream
Nasal spray
Hand lotion

MacGyver Stuff
Small Swiss Army knife
Duct tape
Headlamp and batteries
A couple of bandannas
A couple of extra Ziploc bags

The Library
Map & guidebook
Notebook for journal
2 pens for journal
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Wallet
Driver’s license, credit card, a little bit of money

The Pantry
Breakfast: Healthy Organic Pop-Tarts (an oxymoron?)
Lunch: String cheese, beef jerky, a couple of apples and oranges (heavy, but worth it)
Dinner: One-half of a Lipton Noodle meal for each night
Snacks: Gorp (trail mix) and a couple of Power Bars

They say that your pack weight is related to your degree of fear. For example, if you're scared you'll go hungry, you're likely to pack too much food and increase your pack weight. My fear is being cold. I always pack too many layers. I'm really trying not to do so, but I still can't manage to leave my balaclava, my gloves, and my 20-degree sleeping bag behind!

I don't read much when I'm hiking. I don't write much either, for that matter, though I do tend to write more (journaling) than I read. I don't listen to music at all. When I do pack a book, I tend to pack a small volume of poetry or a Shakespeare play. I'm so tired at night that I can only read for about five or ten minutes before I drop off to sleep--perfect for reading a couple of sonnets or a scene from Shakespeare.

OK, it's time to go to bed. I'm all packed and ready to go. Again.


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