Fugue'in Fun on a Rainy Saturday

I graded papers and homeworks all morning, and finally got to start practicing piano this afternoon ... for the first time since Wednesday's practice lesson (argh!). I'm working on the exposition of the fugue.

The slow pace of my progress is maddening, particularly since I know I would progress much faster if I didn't have to work all the time.

But these moments I get here and there, mostly on weekends, when I can shut the door to the Inner Sanctum and practice scales, arpeggios, measures of pieces, and (now) fugue voices, are PRICELESS. I've been familiarizing myself with the different voices of the C#-major fugue for the past half-hour, and I have the rest of the afternoon ahead of me until our out-of-town visitors get here.

Four more glorious hours. Back to George!


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