First Day Back

School started again today. I made no plans. Not a one. I've come a long way (I think), or else I've become very jaded. I didn't make plans, not even for today's classes, until I got to school this morning.


Because I'm tired of having my earnestly, diligently built little card-castle lesson plans knocked down by scheduling tsunamis.

When I got to school, I was broadsided. Half my English Lit class was gone for a baseball/softball game today. We don't have classes on Thursday. Half my students will be gone on Friday. Next week is all-day testing for four days for my science girls. No one told me until now.

It's really hard to get excited about lessons when you never know if you'll be able to actually do them.

So let's move on to more cheerful things ...

Today was Piano Day #1 of the week!

Yes, folks, I have a make-up lesson on Thursday, which means two lessons this week. I have much to write about today's piano lesson, but school work awaits me. I'm not very eager to do school work; after all, who knows what scheduling snafus will occur tomorrow?

One day at a time. And there are only 29 school days left. :)


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