An Easy Day Today

I hope to have an easy day today. My science class is making food web models, my British Lit classes are writing in-class essays on Narnia, and my Comp class has writing workshop. The only real class preparation I need to do today is to write a study guide for the Victorian Lit test we'll have next week. The only class that I actually have to "run" is my Fundamentals of Lit class, and we're going over some adverb exercises and looking at Chapter 8 of To Kill a Mockingbird.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that my classes are liking their reading materials these days (Earnest and Mockingbird, and also "Jabberwocky").

Thrilled as I may be, I've also been running on empty for weeks now. Even if I weren't dealing with bipolar mood swings, the mere fact that I'm a first-year teacher would be enough to drain me of all energy. The mood swings have just made it that much harder.

Alas, spring break is only a week away. And it's nice to have a day that isn't going to be too demanding.

Of course, tomorrow shouldn't be too demanding either. Apparently, there's a biology field trip tomorrow (which was never announced) and the entire high school will be gone. So much for my class preparation efforts ... grrr ...


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