Color Me Fugue-iful

I've added a few colors since the last time I posted my Color-By-Voices music. This is the C#-major fugue by my Beloved, Bewigged, and Bejowled One, with the soprano in blue, the alto in green, and the bass in reddish-brown (what we used to call "Indian Red" until the Crayola people changed the name to "Chestnut"). Rests are in yellow. It helps to have the rests stand out.

Here's the first page, which features the exposition and the start of Episode I:

And the second page continues Episode I, restates the subject (soprano voice) and countersubject (alto voice), has a two-bar "link" (in-between music that's not part of the subject, countersubject, or episode), and then begins Episode II.

I'd like to find a way to color-code it even further. Maybe use dark blue for soprano subject, medium blue for soprano countersubject, light blue for soprano voice in episodes, etc. But if I were to do that, I'd never actually get to actually practice the music on the piano. :)

Back to George!


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