Yesterday was a foggy day--foggy in the head, I mean. I kept spilling things and forgetting where I was going. Felt like a crazy person.

It was a good thing I decided to play hooky.

I pretty much spent the entire day holed up in a soundproof room at UNCA, playing piano. I did a lot of focused work on my new pieces: the Liszt, and the Bach Prelude and Fugue. I played through each slowly and marked all of the most difficult parts, then I went back and worked on learning/drilling those most difficult parts. A very daunting way to begin practicing a new piece, but it's an approach I've found useful.

I took a break and went to Zen Sushi for some lunch and writing (they were very nice in saying it was OK for me to sit there for an hour after I finish eating and write ... of course, it was 2:00 and not exactly crowded).

Then it was back to UNCA, woo hoo! I worked on easier stuff: drilling my B-minor sinfonia (all that drilling on all those broken chords have done their job--it's really sounding good), and learning the easier sections of the Liszt and the Prelude. The first part of the Liszt is not hard at all, save for a couple of tricky spots where the hands crowd up--but the result is that, after yesterday's practice, I can play the first page and have it sound beautiful, even if it isn't quite perfect.

It felt so good to be on a college campus yesterday. College campuses feel like home. They always have. The Ph.D. thoughts were strong yesterday. I want to go to a school that has (1) an English department with a strong Rhetoric and Composition program ... and (2) lots of practice rooms in their music buildings. :)

I wish we lived near a university with a doctoral program in English. Alas, we don't, and I won't be able to start on my Ph.D. until fall of 2008. Blah.

I'm still foggy in the head today, but it's not quite as bad. Good thing, because I have days of school-related procrastination to catch up on. Blah again.


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