I'm in the mood for updating.


Science: We're starting the study of birds and mammals today. Our frogs are on back order from Carolina Biological, so we'll probably have to interrupt birds and mammals and go back to amphibians at some point.

British Lit: As part of our C.S. Lewis study, we've been watching Shadowlands and should finish that movie today or tomorrow. Then, we start learning about the Victorians. Although I'm more into the Romantics than mid- to late-19th century writers, some of my favorites are from this later period--Hopkins, Hardy, Wilde, Arnold, etc. So it should be a good unit.

Composition: We'll be starting a long-overdue study on sentence variation today. Fun, fun, fun! (Actually, I think it's fun. My students may beg to differ, however.)

Fundamentals of Lit: We just finished up a big unit on Romeo and Juliet. The kids wanted to watch the Leonardo DiCaprio version of the movie this week, and I said that would be OK ... until I previewed it this weekend. The library's copy of Romeo and Juliet (the Zefferelli version) is checked out, so we're watching West Side Story instead.


B-minor Sinfonia: Sounding good. I'm working on speed now, using the metronome. When I flub at a new speed, I stop and drill that section, slow down, and then work up to speed again. It's a process.

C#-major Prelude: This really does not seem like a difficult piece. There are a few tricky sections, and I've been drilling those almost exclusively, hands separately. It's a delightful piece of music, and I'm so looking forward to the day when I can play it well, at speed.

C#-major Fugue: Hands separately. Right hand only, so far.

Liszt Transcription: Hands separately, some together, for the first 14 or so measures. I'm really uncertain about the fingering, so I'm holding off on practicing this one too much until Deborah and I discuss it and we agree on the best fingering.


Life in General: I've been really down lately. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's that I'm just overwhelmed (as usual).

Whatever I am, I know that I'm more than ready for spring break. It's still more than a month away, but I'm counting the days.


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