Three Types of Music I Simply Do Not Like

There are three types of music that I simply do not like.
  • New Age piano music
  • Bluegrass
  • Contemporary Christian Music

It's awful. I should like all three of these, seeing as I am a Christian piano player living in western North Carolina. But I have no ear for most of it. There are a few New Age pieces I like, I suppose, and some bluegrass isn't as bad as the rest ... but, no matter how much I expose myself to this stuff, I just can't seem to gain more than a smidgen of appreciation for any of it.

Give me classical music, classic rock, folk, jazz, blues, Broadway show tunes, Big Band, and even my beloved 80s pop music. I'll even embrace country music if it's on the folky side or makes me want to get drunk and sing off-key with my friends (not that I've done that in a very long time). Heck, I even like hip-hop for my speed-walking and iron-pumping soundtracks. But play your New Age, bluegrass, and CCM somewhere else, please.

Whew. I just had to get that off my chest. Thanks for reading.


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