Seventh Inning Stretch

If the school year were a baseball game, we'd be somewhere around the start of the seventh inning right now. It's the last day of the six-week period, and everyone at school--administration, teachers, and students--is feeling stressed and overworked, from the principal on down to the students.

So I'm having a seventh-inning stretch in my classes. Spring break isn't until mid-April. We need a real break now.

(I never dreamed I would do this.)

We'll be watching movies for the next three days in my science, composition, and English Lit classes. Then we'll be watching movies for three days next week in my Fundamentals of Lit class.

Here's the showing schedule:

2nd period Science: Finding Nemo
4th period English: Shadowlands
5th period Composition: Amadeus (I hope. I'm going to give them a choice of movies.)
6th period English: Romeo & Juliet (the Leonardo DiCaprio version)
7th period English: Shadowlands

Meanwhile, I'll finish up my grades for report cards and prepare for new units in all classes. Here are our new units:

Science: Birds and Mammals
English Lit: The Victorians
Composition: Definition and continued research papers
Fundamentals of Lit: A stretch of grammar and writing before we start To Kill a Mockingbird

I get to read To Kill a Mockingbird as part of my job. For all of my complaints, for all of my exhaustion, this really isn't a bad job.


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