Out of Steam on Piano Day

Today is Piano Day, my favorite day of the week, and I am completely out of steam. I'm trying to get excited about piano day, but it's hard because I worked a lot this weekend and wasn't able to practice. I love going to piano, but I hate when I haven't been able to practice.

Plus, I'm very, very tired. Too tired to do class planning, which is why I'm blogging during my planning period. I have so much grading to do ... I just want to hole up in a cave and do nothing but grade for about six hours so I can be done with it.

I was worried that I might be burning out on teaching, but I talked to my sister (who is a seasoned teacher), and she said it's normal for teachers to run out of steam at this time of year, and that March is always a difficult month for her.

So. Fifteen more days until spring break. I'm hanging in there.


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