Out of My League

This Liszt piece is out of my league. It's harder than anything I've ever played (I think). I thought it would be a relatively simple piece. Some parts of it are very easy, but Liszt makes up for them on the last two pages. Oh, I guess these hard parts would be easier if my hand could reach a span of 14 keys or so ... but alas, I'm a petite girl and have small hands.

I've been writing in the fingering for the entire piece tonight and playing through it to see if the fingering works. I've written and erased, written and erased. I've never been so confused by fingering in my life. Deborah will definitely have to help me with this. And the unfamiliar stretches ... oh, my. Just playing through it with different fingerings, my hands feel like they have been to a hand-yoga class.

I hope it's not too hard. I hope it's hard enough to take me to the next level, but not so hard that I get discouraged. It's such a beautiful piece, and I want to play it as beautifully as it's meant to be played.

P.S. My hands feel really, really good right now. They are happy hands. :)


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