Sunday, March 19, 2006

One Last Piano Update for the Weekend, and a Recital Report

One Last Piano Update for the Weekend:

The Liszt truly isn't so bad after all. Oh, it's difficult--I have no argument about that. But it's not out of my league. In fact, one of my challenges will be to keep working to perfect it, even after I have it sounding good.

This is a change from all the Bach I've been playing. Bach is so exacting, so perfect, so ... pure. Working on the Liszt, with its rubato, heavy pedaling, shimmery chords, and lack of polyphony, I almost feel like the music is beckoning me towards laziness.

I don't think laziness will be that much of a problem. It will be more an issue of trying to cut corners because I don't have adequate time to practice. I must not do that!!

The Bach sinfonia is sounding wonderful. I'm playing it quite confidently by memory, and am really enjoying the freedom from the sheet music. 72 at the metronome now seems slow. Yep, looks like I've moved up a few notches. I really like the faster speed. However, since I'm still a little sloppy on a few of the broken-chord sections, I'm forcing myself to remain at a slower speed (most of the time!) until I get those parts straightened out. They are minor, so I expect it to sound quite good at my lesson on Wednesday.

Recital Report

Deborah had a recital today. She played Schumann, Scriabin, Schoenberg (lots of S's!), Piazzolla, and Gershwin. I had heard her perform all of it before, except for the Scriabin and the Schoenberg. I loved the Scriabin. It was early Scriabin, but I don't remember exactly what she played. :-/

It really got me thinking about my recital. I don't know when it will be, or what I will play. But I'm thinking about it. :)

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