No Piano Today :-(

Deborah called, and she's sick. We had to cancel piano. And it was supposed to be a long lesson because we had a half-hour to make up, plus, the regular hour-long lesson. I was really eager to go over the new Bach and Liszt pieces. I don't want to spend too much time on them until we have gone over the fingering. The fingering for the Liszt is really confusing me.

I am so sad. I was so looking forward to piano. It's my weekly dose of sanity. I was going to go to Asheville early (we have a half-day at work), plant myself at a coffee shop for a few hours of paper-grading (the never-ending task), go to UNCA and practice on a good piano (unlike poor, out-of-tune George), and then go to piano.

Maybe I'll do all of that anyway, and just not do the piano-lesson part.


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