No Date With George

I forgot that I had to review my comp students' note cards for their research papers. Major task. No piano tonight. I could cry. I can't put off the note cards because they need 'em back in time to do their formal outline, which needs to be in by a certain time so they can have their draft in by a certain time, and I need to have enough time to grade their drafts and get them back to the students, and they need enough time to write a final paper, and then I need enough time to grade the final paper and enter the grades.

All before spring break.


they'll have research

paper homework after spring break.

And I'll have a big grading job





for the entire


No thank you.

So, tonight, as always, school wins and George loses.


Don't ask me why I suddenly got all pseudo-poetic there. I think it was so my "All before spring break" didn't seem like such an out-of-place fragment.

I've only been teaching English for eight months, and it's already been too long.


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