Much, Much, Much to Write

[I'm going to start bolding things in my more random, rambling blog posts, in order to spare you, dear readers, the hassle of actually reading through them.]

I have so much to write. I want to write a Piano Lesson Part II because there's a Part II floating around in my head, some interesting thoughts about being an adult piano student and the insecurities one must deal with when doing so. Boy, do I have an arsenal of thoughts on that subject.

But no, there is no time to write at the moment. I have a mountain of papers waiting to be graded--so many that I'm going to get started tonight, on a Friday night, and continue through tomorrow and Sunday.

School was not very memorable today. I haven't slept well in several days and was a bit of a zombie. Classes weren't bad, though; my British Lit class is really taking to Oscar Wilde and The Importance of Being Earnest. I'm glad about that.

We had group piano (performance class) this afternoon. I played my Bach sinfonia. It was OK, but I started it as a slightly too-fast tempo, and, while I was able to play the entire piece at that speed, it wasn't as clean as it should be.

Speaking of Bach, I realized something the other day. At least once daily, and usually more, I literally find myself thanking God for Bach. And thanking Bach for God. The long, arduous, devoted hours of one beloved, bewigged, and bejowled one in the first part of the 18th century have enriched my world beyond comprehension.

Hopefully, I'll be able to write Part II of my piano lesson report before my next lesson. Until then, y'all have yourselves a goodly weekend.


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