I did it. I memorized the B-minor sinfonia.

No, it's not a big deal in the great scheme of things. The B-minor sinfonia isn't the most complicated or difficult-to-memorize piece in the world.

But it's Bach, and it's in three voices, so it's not the easiest thing to memorize, either. It's also the first real piece I've memorized since 1991, when I was practicing for my college senior recital that never happened.

Deborah doesn't require that I memorize anything (since I'm a grown-up and all), but I want to memorize. This is funny because twenty years ago, if you'd told me I'd have a teacher that didn't require memorization of pieces, I would have jumped for joy. But now, I want to memorize pieces because I want them to be mine. Once I have them in my head, it's like being to go out and play with a friend without parental supervision (Mama Sheet Music).

I'm playing the sinfonia by memory at 76 on the metronome now. 80 is a bit fast for the moment, but it's not too far in my future.

Playing by memory has never been particularly hard for me; I just haven't made it a priority to memorize anything since I started playing again a couple of years ago. But, if I'm going to plan a recital, I need to get accustomed to memorizing things again. And this sinfonia--even though it won't be a recital piece--is Step 1 of the process.


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