It's Official

I'll be teaching Fundamentals of Lit, World Lit, American Lit, British Lit, and Composition next year. And I won't be surprised if they throw in, oh, an Earth Science class as well.

I won't lose my mind, though. I have the groundwork for three of those classes since I taught them this year, and I'm familiar enough with World and American to feel reasonably comfortable at the prospect of teaching both.

It's going to be a lot of work. I'll spend my weekends grading papers. But I'm kind of excited about it.

When I told my ninth-graders that they would have me for their teacher again next year, I was delighted to see quite a few of them looking happy about it.

Yep. That made me feel pretty good.

Guess I'll be brushing up on my Hawthorne and my Homer, my Twain and my Tolstoy, my Dickinson and my Dante.

This is gonna be good.


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