Good Day at School

Ahhhh ... I had a good day at school. I needed a good day at school.

It started with my wonderful science class. I love my science girls. I teach five of the brightest seventh-graders in the school, and it is a pure joy to meet with them every morning. We had our last day of "movie watching," so it's back to all-work-and-no-play tomorrow. :) We've been watching The Blue Planet, which is just fascinating.

Then, in English, we spent the first 15 minutes on a Silver Chair quiz and finishing Shadowlands (what a sad movie). Then, I did a little introductory lecture to the Victorian Era, complete with funny examples of Victorian advertisements like this one:

As I looked over the Victorian Lit materials after school today, I started getting excited; we're going to read Tennyson, Browning (both of 'em), Arnold, Dickens, Darwin, Hardy, Hopkins, Houseman, and Wilde (The Importance of Being Earnest). Hopkins is my favorite of all the non-Romantic poets. I think my students will love him, too.

In Composition, I wanted to talk about misplaced modifiers and dangling patriciples, but the class needed a review/introduction to the concept of modifiers, so we spent a lot of time on that. Weird ... you'd think students would quit paying attention the moment you start talking about grammar. Yet, as much as they complain about it, they're always very attentive when we do grammar. For that reason, I actually kind of enjoy teaching grammar. (I must admit, one of the most fun aspects of teaching grammar is coming up with goofy sentences for the grammar worksheets ...)

In English 9, we're watching West Side Story. They find it amusingly dated so far, but that's OK, because I do, too. It really is wonderful, watching all of the dancing. And they now have the context of Romeo and Juliet to see how West Side Story really is a modern-day (1950's modern?!?) adaption of the Romeo and Juliet story.

I also turned in my grades today and, on the whole, all of my students did pretty well. Am I getting easier, or are they learning how I grade? Hmmmm ....

OK. Gotta run. Hubster's ready to go on a walk.


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