Monday, March 13, 2006

Date with George Tonight!

Woo-hoo! Yee-hi! I get to go on a date with George tonight!

I have about 20 minutes of preparation to do for science. Maybe 20 minutes of prep for British Lit. Maybe 30 minutes for Comp. maybe 10 for English 9. All because I did some of my work in advance this weekend. That leaves a good couple of hours for George!

Wednesday is my first real piano lesson in three weeks, between Deborah being sick and her being away for spring break last week. So I'm really eager for Wednesday to get here. I didn't practice much this week, but I practiced my little fingers off the week before. And I have sooo many questions about fingering in the Liszt. I feel like I can't really start working seriously on it until I'm certain of the fingering. In that piece, the right hand and the left hand overlap a lot, so I'm wondering if it's best for the right hand to play left-hand voicings and vice-versa, or if I should just play the treble part with the right hand and the bass part with the left hand. It's more confusing than it sounds.

So I'm happy. Time to get to work so I'll have plenty of time left for George!

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