Bad Haircut Update

You may remember the bad haircut I got last month. It was about a million different lengths, and the worst length of all was the shortness of the bangs. I have never looked good with short bangs, and I had not asked for short bangs. However, due to some unseen force in the universe, I got short bangs.

It's finally beginning to grow out. It's not as awful as it used to be. The bangs are nearing a decent length, and the multi-layers are not quite so bushy. It's almost long enough that I can cut a little bit to even it all out (somewhat) without ending up with a bob.

The bad thing is that I'm going to have to continue putting gunk (mousse, gel, etc.) in it for some time. One reason I generally wear my hair long is so that I don't have to put gunk in it. I hate gunky hair. I have to have gunky hair until it's long enough that it doesn't stick out in a hundred different directions.

So, I know you'll all be hanging on the edges of your seats. Not to worry ... I'll post another bad-haircut update soon, or at least as soon as there are changes to report. :)


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