Back to School

Ah, it was a good weekend. I was bone-tired all weekend, but being bone-tired is OK when you don't have to be anywhere or see anyone.

I spent much of the weekend with George (as you can tell from my recent blogging). I also spent a few hours at my favorite coffee shop, writing. Clearing my head. It made it worth it to spend most of my Friday afternoon grading papers and planning classes for this week. I got to rest on Saturday and Sunday.

Now I'm back at school, listening to the chattering of my new homeroom kids. A teacher left several weeks ago, and the other teachers had to take on her load. Luckily for me, I only got a new homeroom and didn't have to take on any new classes. Very lucky, since she was the other English teacher and it would (logically) make sense for me to take her classes. Psychologically, I would have suffocated under all the work and ended up in the nut house, and I think my principal knew that when she reassigned the classes.

So I have a somewhat busy day ahead of me. My science girls have a test, and we're discussing The Magician's Nephew in British Lit as part of our Narnia series. The composition kids get to discuss and practice sentence variation (they probably won't be thrilled about this), and my ninth-graders will begin a unit on modifiers (adjectives and adverbs). We start To Kill a Mockingbird later this week in that class. Yay!

OK, I have a lot of work to do before classes begin. Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

(Don't forget--tomorrow is J.S. Bach's birthday!)


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