I didn't go to school today
Said Little Waterfall--Oy vey!
My back hurts, so I have the blues
I cannot even tie my shoes.
It's hard to turn o'er in the bed
(I just stay put and sigh instead).
And if I sit down very long
Something in my back goes wrong.
Sharp pains keep me from kids and chalk
And hurt me when I try to walk.

This morning I drove through the rain
To visit a PT named Jane.
She said it seem's my back is wrenched,
Or strained, or 'haps a disc has flinched.
She thinks that I will be OK
(Unless, she said, you find one day
That all this pain has not abated
And has to your legs migrated).

"Quit lifting weights!" was her solution
(So much for New Year resolutions
To get my lazy self in shape
From head to foot, from knee to nape).
I have to rest at least two weeks
(I listen when a PT speaks)
And if my back improves, she says,
I can resume the New Year's rez.

Meanwhile, I'm at home and my electric blanket has become my constant companion. I seem to have pulled something during a session with my Christmas-present trainer. He didn't seem to think the leg presses would hurt my back, but I was scared they would. I guess I should have listened to my intuition.


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