Self-Reflection for January 19

It's January 19. Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Gwen and Mr. Hugh!

It was a pretty good day at school. I've been in a bit of a slump ever since Christmas, so I was glad to have a good day, finally.

When you teach five different classes, you try to plan different things for different days: a test in 2nd period, a unit introductory lecture in 4th, in-class writing in 5th ... so you don't have to do full-fledged lesson plans for every class, every day.

Every now and then, you get full-fledged days. Today was supposed to be one of those.

I had a lot of work to do for composition, since we're starting a new unit. I had to write a science test. I had to prepare for English 9. I just didn't have the energy to plan the "Introduction to C.S. Lewis" lecture for English Lit, even though I probably could have given it off the top of my head (not a good idea, in my experience).

As I began to work on the lecture notes, I remembered that I'd checked out the video of Gulliver's Travels, staring Ted Danson (what a cutie) and Mary Steenburgen. I'd wanted to show it to my English Lit classes a couple of weeks ago, but something happened with snow days and scheduling, and I wasn't able to do it.

Hm. They had their 18th-century lit test on Wednesday. We have two more days of the week. We start (1) the Romantics and (2) Lewis next. Why not let them watch Gulliver on Thursday and Friday, and just start all the new stuff early next week?


So we're watching Gulliver. I'm glad, because the dumb ol', stupid ol' schedule didn't allow for us to dig into the story itself in class.

My science girls had their test on "How Flowers Reproduce" today. We spent last week learning about pollination.

I found a cool video at the library on bees. Bees pollinate. Bees are the coolest little critter out there. Even cooler than ants. So we're watching a video in that class tomorrow, too.

I rearranged my classroom desks to be shaped like Globe Theatre. We acted out Act I, Scene i of Romeo and Juliet in English 9 today. We even had some light sabers (for swords) that I borrowed from the fourth graders. We had fun. They even laughed heartily at the "Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?" section!

Life is good!


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