The Portrait Gallery

I have a portrait gallery in my classroom. I change it with each unit; right now it consists of pictures of 18th-century English writers (for British Lit) and pictures of 19th-century American poets (for Fundamentals of Lit). The "portrait" includes the years of birth and death of the author, as well as a couple of interesting facts about him or her.

Well, we're starting to study Shakespeare in Fundamentals of Lit and will begin Romeo and Juliet next week. So I'm going to take down the American poets and replace them with "portraits" that are more in line with Romeo and Juliet.

Of course, I have a picture of The Bard. And a picture of Queen Elizabeth. And ... oh, I couldn't resist.

The "caption" of the picture says, "Joseph Fiennes, Actor (born 1970); very nice-looking actor who plays dramatist William Shakespeare in the movie Shakespeare in Love (1998)." (I thought the word "hot" might be inappropriate.)

It'll sure beat looking at pictures of Jonathan Swift, Samuel Johnson, and Daniel Defoe all day.


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