Link Added to Blogroll

Ah, I remember the days when I used to add links to my blogroll all the time. Those days are past. Long, long ago, when I got too busy to blog, I was forced to ignore the blogroll. I've added a few to the list here and there, and I've deleted a few that I never visit anymore, but it hasn't been the busy listing that it once was.

Alas, I have added a new blog to it. My hiker friend eArThworm is a retired librarian from Floridy, and she's working on a trails bibliography of AT--related books. It seems her blog will primarily be for introducing and discussing new hiking books, and she warns us that it may not be updated often.

Her blog is called From Ol' eArThworm. All you trail-loving bookworms out there (and there are a lot of us!), might find her site useful. (She's also a very funny writer. Not to put any pressure on her or anything!) :-)


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