I Hate Contacting People

I hate contacting people.

I'm very shy. My students would never believe it. Most of my friends don't believe. Ever since I started teaching and stopped being depressed, my reputation as an misanthropic introvert has pretty much gone down the tubes.

But I still hate contacting people. I hate calling people and asking for things. I hate asking for things, period. I even hate calling Domino's to order a pizza. And if anyone tries to call me ... I'm not answering.

I did it today, though. Contacted people, I mean. I talked to the man at the health club about signing up for one of their "get fit" programs. I talked to the library lady about getting a library card for the school so that I can check out books for longer periods of time without the fines. I talked to the reference desk lady about having a workshop on using library research materials. I talked to the English teacher at another school about borrowing some of her resources as I prepare for the Romeo and Juliet unit. I talked to the Sears stove-man about fixing our stove. I talked to the health insurance lady about supplemental insurance. I announced at a teacher's meeting that I desperately need used copies of 1984 and To Kill a Mockingbird, and I asked them to consider donating (or otherwise finding) a copy or two. I talked to the nice lady at the local Christian book store about getting copies of The Chronicles of Narnia ... with a discount. I peppered my trainer with workout-related questions while he tortured me with lunges, squats, and other Exercises That Will Make Me Beautiful.

I'm all talked out. I hate contacting people. It's not so bad once I'm actually talking to them. Everyone is always so nice and helpful.

Still, I feel utterly exhausted after of this talking.


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