Hubster's Now-Famous Butt & Calves

If you plan to fly American Airlines this month, be sure and check out their in-flight magazine, American Way. That silly old Hubster of mine has managed to be featured in one of their articles.

In IN FOR THE LONG HAUL, writer Jenna Schnuer writes about Carlin “Buckwheat” Donahue, who's on a trek from Florida to Alaska; Joe Bowen, who hiked from California to Kentucky; and Dan Rogers (a.k.a. Sheltowee, a.k.a. Hubster), who hiked from Ohio to California.

And that picture at the beginning of the feature? The one of the sexiest Popeye calves in the hiking community? Yup. Those are Hubster's calves. And that picture was taken very recently. You should see 'em when he's been hiking for a few thousand miles!

Plans are still on to continue the hike, but we've had to adjust them, thanks to "real life" issues that have crept up. We'll keep you posted on when the next leg of the journey will begin.


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