Blogging From Class

I am in class right now. My comp students are writing an in-class essay. I was planning to have them write it next week, but I was so tired last night and didn't have time to plan, so they're doing it today. It all works out. We'll save Punctuation Celebration Day for next week.

Today has been better, though I warned my principal that I might need to take some time off next week if this depression-like mood doesn't lift.

I bought two huge "birthday cookies" for Mozart's birthday. We sang "Happy Birthday Mozart" in science, blew out candles (I bought a "2" candle, a "5" candle, and an "0" candle), and ate before dissecting earthworms (I figured they'd have better appetites before rather than after). We dissected to Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 22 in E-flat.

In English Lit, we ate leftover cookie and played the Jupiter Symphony in the background as we read some of Blake's prophetic poetry. (Beethoven would have been more appropriate, perhaps, but hey ... it's ain't Ludwig's birthday.)

Now, in Comp, we sang "Happy Birthday Mozart," re-blew out the candles, and started on Birthday Cookie No. 2. They're now writing an in-class essay and listening to the A-major piano sonata (for some reason, they like writing to piano solo music).

In Fundamentals of Lit, we'll finish Cookie No. 2 and act out the scene in which Romeo first meets Juliet. I have some Renaissance-sounding music for that. But it's Mozart's birthday, so maybe I'll put on a sweet, Mozartean minuet-style piece instead.

So, even though I feel awful and depressed, the day itself isn't turning out to be so bad.


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