Back from the SORUCK

What a great weekend the Hubster and I had, visiting with friends and talking about trails. We went down to the Nantahala Outdoor Center near Bryson City, NC, for the annual "Southern Ruck" (a.k.a. SORUCK) on Friday and just got back today. (Yes, I did my weekend re-reading while I was there.) It was great seeing old friends and meeting new hikers who are planning to thru-hike the AT soonly. 2006 Southbounder Clyde had an awesome slide show of last year's SORUCK and of previous thru-hikers. Sly did a great job of organizing it, and many people contributed to the eats, which made for some great meals.

Little Bear put on an informative presentation on the Southern Appalachians Initiative of the American Hiking Society last night, and then Weathercarrot showed his PCT DVD. We unfortunately had to miss Spur and Ready's presentations because of a necessary trip into Bryson City, but it was great to see both of them again yesterday.

The weather was great!! It snowed Friday night and all day yesterday, then we had blue skies and melting snow today. We did a little trail walking, and the woods were beautiful.

Here are some pictures from last night in Cabin C*:

Stumpknocker, LiteShoe, and Miss Janet on Saturday night.

Hubster managed to make an awful face for every picture that he managed to be in. Silly Hubster. This is a picture of him and Weathercarrot. When he's not hiking or eating chocolate cake (as in this picture), Weathercarrot makes cool trail DVDs and maintains this website.

We had two Mardi Gras king cakes at the Ruck, thanks to Louisianian hiker Bayou. Interestingly, the two people to get the babies were Fallingwater and Waterfall.

2006 Northbounder No Chance chats with Hubster (not pictured), Scrunchy, and Cheryl. Hopefully the advice he got this weekend will increase his (no-)chances of making it to the Big K. :)

Really funny things are happening here. But as they say, What Happens at the Ruck, STAYS at the Ruck. That's Shelly in the back (on the ground), Stumpy and Lone Wolf (standing), and Clyde and Hotdog (seated).

Bald Eagle, Linda, and Hubster talk trails. Bald Eagle and his wife Spirit Walker (a.k.a. Jim and Ginny Owen) have an excellent website, Spirit Eagle--visit it to read about the thousands of miles they've hiked, and of the wisdom they've gained along the way.

As you can see, it was a fun, refreshing weekend. Hubster and I have plans to hike the Foothills Trail later this year, so you'll see more hiking posts soon, I'm sure!

*Nearly all pictures that included grass skirts and coconut bras have been destroyed, though I am saving a few for blackmailing purposes, if such a need should ever arise. ;-)


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