And Now, For Something Fun

I've been tagged by Cuz Spiehler, and I bet I'll beat Cuz LaVronica and Jonathan in doing this ...


My good quirks:
I literally jump up and down and dance when I’m excited about something.
I am always singing and making up new words to old songs about how much I love my family, friends, and cats.
I buy presents for people when it’s not their birthday or Christmas ... just because.
I’m somewhat witty.
I have the most amazing long-term memory of anyone I know, with the possible exception of my autistic half-sister.
I still refer to myself "an English major."

My bad quirks:
I’m seriously moody.
I’m seriously scatterbrained.
I have no short-term memory. At all. (That's kind of related to the scatterbrained quirk. Hubster honestly thinks I have Adult ADD.)
I always forget to buy people presents on their birthdays and at Christmas.
My brain never shuts down. It's very tiring.

My food quirks:
I will not eat potatoes or beans at breakfast. Yuck.
I have to have a little bit of chocolate every day.
I will not eat it if a pickle has touched it.
I will not sit next to you if you are eating eggs or tuna fish.

My sleep quirks:
When at home, I sleep best when I have a cat on my head.
I’ve been an insomniac ever since I was a baby.
I want the room to be warm, and I want three layers of blankets on me.
I sleep best in a tent, on a Z-rest, with a sock-stuffed jacket as my pillow.


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