Thursday, December 29, 2005

Life Lately

At the request of my mom, and practically everyone I saw when I was back home in the Gret Stet of Loo-zee-ana, I'm trying to blog more often, even if just to update my loved ones on my life.

It's quiet here. I like that. :)

Christmas: We had a nice Christmas in Louisiana. I was a little reluctant to come back to the frigid North of the North Carolina mountains (when you grow up in south Louisiana, everything north of Shreveport is "up north." Heck, even Shreveport is "up north," now that I think about it.) We've been back for a few days, and I've been very busy cleaning house, practicing piano when I can, and planning for next semester. I've been so busy, in fact, that I am only just now downloading tunes for the newest member of the family, my iPod nano.

Louisiana: I wanted to go to New Orleans and see some of the damage with my own eyes, but it was not to be. I picked the Hubster up at the New Orleans airport, but I had a lunch date with friends back in Baton Rouge, and we didn't have time to go down there. I was disappointed, but somehow I doubt it will be much changed when I go back down to visit this summer.

Friends: I got to visit a number of friends in the week that I was down there. Had lunch with my IEM friends Staci and John, but unfortunately didn't get to see Weaz, Kim, Becky, and a few others I'd hoped to see. On Christmas Eve, I got to visit briefly with Brad, a.k.a. Sojourner. Christmas night, Hubster and I met my high school friends Erv, Jan, Andye, and Mary at a bar in Baton Rouge and had a great time visiting with them. I must say, my high-school friends are looking pretty good. They don't seem to have aged a bit. Really. And they're all so successful. I an a very proud friend. The next day, I had lunch with my old friend Kris and got to see pictures of her little ones.

On our way home, Hubster and I stopped in Jackson to visit/meet my long-lost Cousin Stacey. She and I have e-mailed and followed each other's blogs for over a year now, but we'd never met in person before. We also got to meet her husband, Drew. Too bad Aunt Donna and Jennifer couldn't get to Jackson in time, 'cause we had to head to NC and missed seeing them.

Piano: Because my life wasn't stuffed full of work-related tasks, I was able to practice piano a few times while at home, and practiced a good hour today. As a result, I had the best piano lesson today that I've had in months. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. I've resumed work on Bach's B-minor Sinfonia (#15), and I "completed" the G-minor Sinfonia after months of 40 minutes per week of practice time. Slow progress is ... progress, if nothing else. We're going to add a short piece for me to work on during next semester; both Deborah and I are leaning toward Liszt's gorgeous transcription of Schubert's "Standchen." It's not too hard and will be something good to work on when I have so little time for practicing.

iPod: You would not believe what I'm downloading tonight. Dance mixes. Club mixes. Whatever you call them. Disco and eighties music with a drum machine beat to it. Not my cup of tea, usually, but it's the perfect music for working out on Stairmaster or the elliptical machine. And cleaning house. Two of my annual New Year's resolutions are to (1) work out more, and (2) be a better housekeeper, so who knows, maybe club mixes are just the thing I need to get me going.

Teaching: They've added a fifth class to my teaching load: SAT Prep. I'm not particularly stressed about it. I was looking through the materials today and was amazed at how many vocabulary words I knew. When did I learn them? How did I get so smart? I amaze myself. Seriously, the class that's requiring the most preparation is composition. But before I begin rambling about school ... I'll just promise a school-only post a little later, either tomorrow or early next week.

School begins in four days. So enjoy this lengthy post while you can. :)

Hubster: I'm madly in love with him--still, after these 2+ years of wedded bliss. Amazing, isn't it!

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kerry said...

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