Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last Post of the Year

I have so much to write. Will I ever find time to write it all down? Hopefully, though I've had time for neither "A Sort of Notebook" nor "A Sort of Blog" lately.

I'm going to start posting my piano-practice times and reports again, when I can. George collected a lot of dust last semester, and I'm determined to give him more attention this year (a New Year's resolution?). Practiced last night for about an hour. The B-minor sinfonia (which I started last summer, then set aside after a couple of weeks, then picked up again a couple of weeks ago) is fun. It's so different from the G-minor sinfonia, but it's a treasure in itself. I'm also excited about starting the Liszt in January. I haven't played much Liszt, so it'll be fun to explore something new.

I'm so glad I still take piano. I love having the chance to learn all of these beautiful pieces that I've always wanted to play. Sure, I could teach them to myself, but I like having a teacher who will guide me and push me beyond my own standards.

Hope everyone has a happy new year! We'll be celebrating with friends, but I can't party too hard ... school starts back on Monday.

More to come!

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