Two Hours!

I practiced for two hours today! I just happened to have two hours free (how rare of an occasion is that?), so I went to George's room and practiced, practiced, practiced. The Bach g-minor sinfonia (the one I've been practicing for thirty minutes a week since late August) sounds so gorgeous ... it's amazing, the difference that a couple of intense practice sessions will make.

I played all of the contrary motion scales, all the way through, just for fun. Just because I can.

Then I went back and played the Chopin Bb-minor nocturne, my Mozart piece from last year, the Dett, and the E-flat sinfonia. It's sooooo nice to just play, and to play something other than that three-chords-per-song praise band music I play on Sundays. It was so nice to practice. Practicing Bach is like doing yoga for the brain. I stretch muscles I never realized I had.

I love my beloved, bewigged, and bejowled one. Housework and dinner just seem so insignificant in comparison with the beauty of those three voices intertwining in the sinfonia. So ... I can make dinner, or I can practice. Hmmm ...

I'll practice for a few more hours minutes, and then I'll make some grub.


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