I've started playing tennis. Actually, I guess I should say I've resumed playing tennis. I first started playing at the age of three (or so), and I continued playing until I was about 10. Other than a brief stint of tennis lessons at age 14, I hadn't played since until about six months ago.

My frienda Linda got me back out on the court. I was awful at first, but I've been improving. It helps that I had really good coaches early in life; many of the techniques they taught me have slowly come back. Add to that my passable athletic ability, and I'm actually not a half-bad tennis player.

I had a rough day at school today. So after school, I went to the tennis courts and served. And served. And served. And served some more. It just feels so good to whack that ball across the court, you know, after a rough day at school.

Then my friend Renee met me, and we played a match. It was fun. She's in the same boat I am, and we're at about the same level. So, while no one is going to film us and study our techniques, we still have some pretty good games.

There you have it: my exciting life for today. Stay tuned for more exciting play-by-plays in the future!


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