Just To Let You Know

I just played the piano for an hour. Now that the classroom is here, I think I feel sufficiently relaxed to do such a thing.

It was wonderful. I've been practicing tiny little bits and pieces of Bach per 5-minute practice session over the last two months. It was nice to play the whole piece at once, all the way through.

Then I played my Chopin Nocturne that I learned while living in Cubicle Land. I still have it. Yay!

I'm exhausted. I need to put a second coat of blue paint on the cabinet tomorrow after church, plus I want to move a bunch of books in and do one of the bulletin boards. Oh yeah, and I have sixteen literary-analysis papers to grade before Monday. Gotta get 'em done before then, because my comp students are turning in their exemplification essay drafts on Tuesday.

Ack ... and I almost forgot, I need to write the week's lesson plans. Sigh.

I need a good night's sleep tonight.


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